Common Questions

Is my police certificate going to be different than going to a local police department?
Here at CROSS-CHECKS™️ an RCMP accredited agency, our role is same as local police stations, we capture your fingerprints electronically and submit them to the RCMP in Ottawa directly. Therefore, whether your fingerprints are captured by us or you, your designated agency will receive exactly same Police Certificate/Clearance report from RCMP. Local police stations do not issue such a certificate.

What are your rates like?
Although we tend to have lower prices than local police departments (prices vary per police department), we ensure to provide fair pricing as well as high quality and efficient services to our clients.

What if I am not in Canada but need my fingerprints done?
CROSS-CHECKS™️ is also authorized and capable of digitalizing ink fingerprints taken by any Police Service worldwide and submit them electronically to the RCMP for a fast processing. This is our International Fingerprinting service for individuals that are unable to visit our office to have digital fingerprinting done for a Canadian criminal record check.

I need ink fingerprint but the police station does not do it anymore, can I do it here?
Since the RCMP no longer accepts ink and roll fingerprints (Since 2014), we also offer Ink and Roll Fingerprint services for those who need fingerprinting to another country.

Will it be faster to get my fingerprints done at a police station than coming here?
Regarding processing times, going to your local police department or to us will NOT affect your processing times, as applications are all submitted to RCMP in Ottawa and sent out through regular mail. There are no priority selections or expediting Police Certificates.

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