International Fingerprinting - Card Scan

International Fingerprinting - Card Scan

If you have previously resided in Canada for more than six months as a visitor, student, or worker but are currently living abroad, you have the option to apply for an RCMP Criminal Record Check from outside Canada.

In our capacity as an RCMP-accredited fingerprint company in Canada, CROSS-CHECKS™ is duly authorized and equipped to digitize ink fingerprints acquired from any Police Service globally. Subsequently, these digitized fingerprints will be electronically forwarded to the RCMP for expeditious processing. Following the completion of this process, the original Canadian criminal record check will be dispatched to any worldwide address securely and promptly, facilitated by a dependable express courier service.

How to apply

  • Utilize Cross-Checks's exclusive online Card Scan application generator to acquire necessary forms and documents.
  • Send your completed application to our Canadian office (We strongly recommend that you email us your application for verification before mailing any documents).
  • Once we receive your Canadian criminal background check, we will promptly mail it to your address outside Canada.

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